In my first post on my brand new website, I am excited to welcome new visitors, and thank all of those who have already put their trust in me and used my alteration services at Mr Tailor, Leeds.

From humble roots as a curious child fascinated by all things sewing, followed by years of experience working within the industry, I established Mr Tailor so I can offer alteration services to my own high standards, and with the passion that I believe it deserves. Mr Tailor is positively evolving into a promising business, which treasures not just the skill of sewing and alteration, but also the art of fashion and clothing, and I am extremely grateful to be able to put it at the very heart of my attention.

Set upon following the path of those I so much admired, I learnt the skills of alteration and sewing through practise, and went on to study Fashion Design at an academic level later on in life. Mr Tailor now proudly gives me the opportunity to put all of this into practise, offering alteration services in all its forms, from trousers, to coats, all at the hands of a positive and dedicated tailor, who loves nothing more than a conversation and a coffee with his customers.

Sadly, we live in an age where so many of our items are mass produced, designed to fit the ‘average’ person, and so Mr Tailor was born in the hope of bringing us back to a time, or a culture, in which what we wore was our own personal statement, and that was as grand or as small as you pleased.  Our clothing was once moulded to our own personal specification and creative vision, and each item valued in its unique essence, as opposed to being lost in a wardrobe of mass produced bargain buys as so regularly happens today.

And whilst the extravagant designs of McQueen, a man of similarly humble beginnings, may not seem to resonate with a modest tailor like myself, I truly am so proud to say that the courage and the drive evident in his works have been a driving force for me to take the bold move and establish my own tailoring business, and make it one through which I hope to explore the limits of design and alteration. His works may not suit all tastes, but it is not the designs so much as his commitment to making clothing and fashion an art of high calibre, and not simply a mundane necessity that I am continuing in Mr Tailor. Tailoring should not simply be a practical service; above all, at Mr Tailor, it is personal, and accessible to everyone, regardless of the budget. Who’s to say what you wear shouldn’t be perfect for YOU?

Once again, thank you to everyone who has already entrusted me with altering their favourite items; I thoroughly enjoy being able to contribute to each and every individual piece that passes through my shop, and to see satisfied customers leave with something that little more perfect for them.

And to everyone harbouring that coat, or those trousers, that are just not quite right, come to Mr Tailor and get them altered and made unique for you, (thankfully at a price much more affordable than the great works of Mr.McQueen!).